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For 100's of years societies around the world have rejuvenated in the calming and healing pleasures of warm water. From as far back as the ancient Greeks, tales are spoken of the medicinal healing powers of bathing in natural  hot springs.

wooden hottub testimonialsThe modern "hot tub" trend started in the 1960's in California, with people modifying large oak wine barrels into private soaking hot tubs. Cedar and Red Wood Hot Tubs were soon introduced because of their natural resistance to decay. These woods have a great natural insulating property and expanded to form a very tight seal when wet. These California Hot Tubs were the grandfathers that the modern day wooden hot tub is modeled after. Northern Lights Cedar Tubs manufactures hottubs using a balance of old world cooperage (barrel making) and modern design.

In the 1970s' plastic molding and injection hot tub shells were introduced and quickly these became the fad. The terms "spa" and "hot tub" became the same meaning . As with most trends, the classic look of wood and its superior functionality gained a rebirth of the "wooden hot tub". The architectural appeal and unique styling of a wood hot tub could never be matched by plastics. And so it is, the classic California hot tub has continued it legacy and grown in popularity as people look for simplicity and functionality in their hot tubs or spas..

Today Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc. is the world's leading supplier of  Cedar Hot Tubs and Japanese soaking tub. By integrating the old world art of cooperage (barrel making) with modern advancements in  manufacturing technologies combined with the best hot tub equipment, we can confidently  say "Our Cedar Hot Tubs are simply the best!"

cedar hot tub wood

At Northern Lights we pride ourselves on producing quality wood hot tubs, this starts by selecting only the top grade of Clear Western Red Cedar. It's superiority to decay, and its sweat aromatic scent have made cedar the number choice for hot tub construction. It's straight fibrous strands absorb water causing it to expand equally forming a permanent water tight seal. These same porous strands also give cedar one of the highest insulating values of all common woods. Cedar is the natural choice for all outdoor hot tubs and wood burning hot tubs!

We take the ancient art of barrel making (cooperage) and add modern day computer technology including Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Our barrel hot tubs are built with strict tolerances. By using Laser Guided Milling machines, we guarantees that each Stave (wall board) is precisely the exact size. Our Quality Inspection Program, ensures that each wood tub leaves our factory knowing it will exceed our customer's high expectations. Our attention to detail is the reason that our cedar hot tubs are found in some of the worlds most prestigious resorts (See some of our hottub awards and commercial projects)

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Balboa water Group

Northern Light's incorporates the most modern hot tub technology from leading equipment manufacturers in the USA We feature Balboa Water Group spa parts, (see our hot tub product specifications) including powerful but quiet 2-speed pumps, digital spa heaters with LCD top side controllers, advanced filter systems, and powerful jets (See Electric Hot Tub System) To compliment our wooden hot tubs, we also offer a variety of custom cedar accessories such as stairs, enclosures and side shelves. Our wooden spas are available with advanced chemical free sanitization systems such as ozonators and mineral ionizer Hot Tub Systems for those that prefer a milder, more natural alternative to bromine or chlorine sanitization in spas.

barrel hot tubs
Visit our Design Studio

Our wooden hot tubs come in many different shapes and sizes, from our Classic Cedar hot tub to our Japanese Ofuro Tub. Our wooden hot tub sizes range from small 1 or 2 person hot tub such as our wooden bathtubs to large round hot tubs seating up to large 10 person - family tub sizes.

Our hot tubs are available in 4 different heating configurations electric, gas, propane and wood fired hot tub versions. Our Environmentally friendly TimberLineTM Wood Fired Hot tub Heaters use no electricity and are great for off grid wood burning hot tub installations or those concerned about higher operating costs. These are typically found in cottage and are ideal for our smaller Ofuro soaking hot tub. Our Gas HybridTM Heating system in the only combination gas and electric heater on the market. It is a powerful but highly efficient 100,000 BTU natural gas or propane heater combined with our digital electric spa pack giving the customer the flexibility of heating choices. All our eclectic spa packs are controlled by the most advance LCD digital top side controllers. Advanced features such as wireless options including Internet ready spa packs are available for remote monitoring.

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SERVICE- one of the things that is often overlooked when purchasing a  barrel hot tub is the support a customer will receive both during the sales cycle and extending well after the product is installed. Our company believes strongly in providing the best support for the life time of your product. We have been in business for over 15 years and continue to grow because of the personal attention we give each and every customer. This starts with the design of your tub, each tub is truly a unique extension of your backyard. No two installs are the same! Our Design Engineer works with each individual customer to ensure your dream tub suites the location and design you have imagined. Just see what our customers have to say! We also have a great selection of wholesale replacement hot tub parts online!

Perhaps the most common question we are asked is the difference between a wood spa and a plastic tub. This can only be answered by one simple response "EXPERIENCE". The 48 high walls of a wood hot tub provide a much deeper soak, giving the body a buoyant floating effect. The pure simplicity in design matched with the advancement in  hydro therapy technology allows the bather the pleasures of a simple soak while still providing the option of a full body massage. The circular seating arrangement is perfect for socializing. Of course add the sweat smell of western red cedar, and we know you will find our cedar hot tub EXPERIENCE is 2nd to none!

wood hot tubs

Check out our Hot Tub Specifications page where we point out what makes our cedar barrel hot tub superior to other round hot tubs. You can also find a many great articles in our wood hot tub article section or visit our Cedar Tub Blog to see what other have to say about wooden hot tubs!

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