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Hot Tub Heat Exchanger

hot tub heat exchanger

Heating with Aux Heating Source

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs have a unique heating system that can integrate with any other home/commercial heating system such as:

  • wood fired boiler
  • gas boiler
  • electric boiler
  • solar hot water heater

By using a combination of an external hot tub heat exchanger and electronically controlled diverert valve or pump with the Balboa digital spa pack, you can now use any external heat source of your choice.   Efficient boiler systems and solar heating are some of the most popular choices.  Our engineers have created a universal heat exchange heating system that works by controlling the flow of heat transfer fluid (usually a glycol based mixture) through a heat exchanger when heat demand of the hot tub is needed.   Once the hot tub reaches the programed operating temperature, the diverter valve (or pump) is then closed until demand is needed again.  This is all controlled in the same manner as an en electric hot tub element.  However instead of energizing the element, the system energizes a zone valve or pump to transfer heating fluid into the heat exchanger. 

This system can be added to any of our hot tubs including our Ofuro soaking tubs.  The system can be installed as a retrofit or a new installation. 

System Components
balboa spa pack spa heat exchanger 3 way diverter valve Hot tub Heating with solar pump

Balboa spa pack

Heat Exchanger

3-Way Diverter Valve - Boiler

Laing EC10 Pump - Solar


 Hot Tub Heat Exchanger with 3-Way Control Valve - From Boiler

hot tub with heat exchanger 

Hot Tub Heat Exchanger with Aux Pump -  From Solar Hot Water Tank

solar hot tub heating diagram

Heat Exchanger with Hot Tub

 hot tub heat exchangers


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