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Using Hot Tub Plans to Build Your Own

Hot tub designs are an expression of one's self.  Most often hot tubs are designed in out door settings and are used to complement the outdoor living space.   With a wooden hot tub, one has the ability to create limitless designs including deck integrated hot tubs, stand alone hot tubs or even hot tubs built into natural hill or rock features.

The possibility is endless but sometimes one can be inspired by deck magazines or outdoor living magazines.  These often feature show piece hot tub designs and hot tub plans that can stimulate the imagination.  Once you have settled on a design the next phase is to choose a hot tub. 

Most hot tubs on the market are square plastic tubs that have very little appeal.  Wood hot tubs have a much deeper sense of outdoor feeling, and nature.  The wood design fits almost any landscape and is often the focal point of decks and patios.  Once you have decided on the type of tub, the next question is building it.  With plastic tubs their is little a DIYer can do to create a design that is "outside the box".  This is not the case with wooden hot tubs, the ability to add and customize the tubs allows much more flexibility.   

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs has a great selection of hot tub designs and all our hot tub kits come with very detailed plans to make assembly very simple even for those that are not so handy.  Visit our design center and then give us a call as we are sure you will find the right hot tub plan to meet your design.

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