United Kingdom


Hi Tim,

Tub is assembled and sitting on the pad at the cottage. Looks Great!!!! I’ll go up next week to have the power installed, then we’ll be ready to go. Once the decks all done, I’ll send some pictures.

Quality and materials were excellent! Documentation was accurate and very clear. Support was timely and appreciated.

Thanks for everything!
Thank you all and I have to say that I bought this tub from you guys about 10 years ago and I absolutely love every moment spent in it ! You guys make an awesome product and equally great service :)

Hey Guys – Long time no talk to,

I need to tell you that I’m just blown away by the quality of the tub. The cedar staves, the shape, finish and thought that you’ve put into everything is simply outstanding. Well done guys. I’m telling all my friends where to find you.
David Cunnigham

Great to hear from you. You have been terrific both with our new tub purchase as well as with questions or parts we needed after the sale.
We originally purchased our tub from you somewhere around 2003! We are believers in your company and are happy to talk you up. If you need any references, we're happy to speak to anyone about your company and the wonderful service you have provided.

just wanted to let you know what a fabulous experience I had building and installing your Hot Tub. It is a perfect retreat in my back yard. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Best Regards
Rick Adams
I thought you might be interested in receiving an update...our hot tub is running perfectly, maintaining water levels and temperatures. It's an absolute joy! Thanks so much for all of your help and support. We really appreciate it.
renda Michael, PEI, Canada
Hi Agnes,

Sounds good. I am looking forward to getting the tub in operation again. I miss it a lot. It works wonders for lower back problems.

Northern Lights is one of the best companies I have dealt with and their Vice-President, Tim Musicky, goes all out for you. He is the person you would talk to if you are set on buying. Their technical advisor, Dieter Jung, has given me help on countless occasions, always prompt even when on vacation in Florida.

A U.S. couple up from New York's Adirondacks for a viewing told me the cedar that Northern Lights uses does not compare in quality by any means to what California manufactures provide (a much thinner and composite product). Another couple from Northern California chose to go with the Canadian company as well.

I have added a few extra pictures of the plumbing and circuit box.

Looking forward to talking with you in the future.
Dave Purdy , Ottawa , ON
Dan and Northern Lights Crew,

I thought we should send a couple of photos I took of our newly-installed Northern Lights cedar tub so you could see its setting in our backyard in Ottawa. It has made our long, cold winters considerably more fun, and we have no end of friends and neighbors volunteering to "test" it for us. We soak in wonderfully warm water, enjoy the gentle massage of the jets and the lovely aroma of cedar, and look out on the moonlit, snow-covered lawn or gaze up to see the stars twinkle through the trees. It's -20 or so, but do we care? Life doesn't get much better.
Steve Cumbaa
Hi Dan

Just a quick note to say thanks for your prompt attention, received the new heating elements on Friday and back in the tub by Saturday !

Couldn’t get better service locally

Thanks again,
Phil (United Kingdom)
We love our tub. Our family of 4 is in it religiously every day. It is our get-away haven. I have owned an acrylic spa before and I can honestly say that the experience and enjoyment is not the same as our new Northern Light Cedar Hot Tub. Keep up the good work!
Kris Moroz (:

I was not a big hot tub fan before my husband ordered one of you tubs. However, it quickly became part of our lifestyle and I don't think I could ever give it up. I would say I am in your tub 1.5 times per day. It greatly helps my arthritis and is a must after a long golf game.
D Jackson
We have owned one of your tubs for three years now, and have nothing but good to say. We have yet to have any problems with the pump or heating unit (knock on wood, Haa Haa). Our kids just love it and we attribute their strong swimming skills to your tub. They learned to float and other basics in the tub. Thanks again!

L & B Cranstone
We have a friend who bought one of your tubs and being our neighbor we have had the opportunity to enjoy it immensely. We are in the process of expanding our deck at the cottage to make room for one of your tubs. We hope to be in touch soon!
Kevin Andrusiak
We recently purchased one of your Chofu Wood Fired tubs for our lake. Our only complaint is trying to keep the neighbors out. It is a show piece for our newly renovated cottage, and I must say the kids love it too. Keep up the good work!
L & T Mennard
I ordered your Hot Tub Kit and was skeptical as to my ability to assemble it. However you were correct about even the "not so handy" being able to assemble it. The instructions were very well written, and I was up and running over the weekend. I appreciate your guidance through the whole process, and apologize for the frequent calls that you always responded to. I am one happy customer!
Warren Suchar
I have owned your tub now for three years and have never shut it down (except to change the water and clean the filter). This might seem trivial if it weren't for the fact that our winters are between -25 and -35 degrees consistently. As far as I am concerned your product is #1. I use my tub daily as a means to wind down after a stressful day at work. You can understand my immediate interest in your cedar saunas as we are in the process of completing our new home. Please send me more info as I am sure we will enjoy your sauna as much as we have your hot tub.
Jon Richards
We love our Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tub! We've had our tub going steady for about 1-1/2 years and nothing stops us from using it every day. All our visitors who soak remind us that it's the best soaking tub in the city. Thank You for a wonderful tubbing experience!
Jef & Stacy Murphy
Hi Tim, I've completed the installation of my tub and ALL is well. Your instructions are flawless, materials superior and beautiful. I have yet to finish the deck surround but, when I do I'll send Pix. One comment about the Chofu; at first glance, I doubted that the little thing would be up to the task. Let me tell you, it's more than capable, even surprising! The first time I filled and heated the tub the well water was 42degrees and the ambiant temp was 38. Within 6 hours the tub temp was 110! Keep up the good work.
John D Cooper
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