Create your own oasis with a cedar tub – almost anywhere in the world!

Can I get a cedar tub shipped to Australia?
Hey Google, can I get a wood hot tub in Florida?
Do you have a dealer for your cedar hot tubs in Mexico?
Siri, how do I find a cedar barrel hot tub installer in California?
Will Northern Lights ship a hot tub to Europe?

Our answers:

Yes, we ship our cedar tubs to Australia!
Of course you can get a wood hot tub in Florida!
We absolutely can have a cedar hot tub dealer in Mexico!
You can find a cedar barrel hot tub installer California by checking our installer network!
And Northern Lights would be happy to ship a hot tub to you in Europe.

The reality is, there’s no one in the world that makes a cedar hot tub quite like we do – our exceptional handcrafted quality and the materials can’t be matched! So whether through us directly or through one of our global distributors – no matter where you are in the world, you don’t need to worry about getting a cedar hot tub to you. You can focus on which hot tub is exactly the one you need, and our team here will take care of the rest. And after over 25 years in business, rest assured it will be packed for efficient and easy shipping too.

How do you get started? It’s easy!

After researching which cedar tub is best for you – a classic cedar tub, ofuro tub, hydrotherapy tub, or even a chiller tub – using our online configurator, you can design your hot tub, and see the results of all the custom options in real time! Once you submit your design plans, we will provide you with a quote that includes a timeline and shipping estimate.

Each of our cedar barrel hot tubs comes with a detailed assembly manual, but our team is always here to help with any questions you may have during the installation process as well – just contact us!

Wood-heated hot tubs: We answer your questions!

While our cedar hot tubs have several heating options, the one we get the most questions about is always our wood fired hot tubs.

Going with a wood fired heater is great solution for cedar hot tubs – to smell the logs burning while you’re enjoying a relaxing soak, the ability to reduce on costs if you have a ready supply of fire wood, or even if you have a remote location and you want to take your hot tub off grid.

Below we’ve gathered some of the most popular questions we receive about our woodfired hot tubs.

Q: Is it possible to have jets on the wood burner models if a pump is installed?  I’m looking for the low cost of using wood but want some aspects of a spa.  I like the fact that your model has the heater outside the tub.

A: Yes you can have 4 jets, 120 VAC two speed pump and a filter system on any wood fired heater.  This is an additional $500 and it allows you to keep the water in the tub much longer as you now have a filter.  Click here for our wood fired hot tub heaters.

Q: Hi there we live in Cranbrook, BC, Canada, and love your wood fired hot tubs. Can you tell me if you ship to BC? Do these arrived assembled, or do we install them onsite?

A: We can absolutely ship a wood fired hot tub to BC!  We ship our cedar hot tubs all over the world, including Europe, Australia – and even Iceland! Most of our customers order their hot tub as a kit, and assemble their wood fired hot tub onsite. Not only will this save on shipping costs, but our team is always here to help if you run into any installation hiccups – you can see the installation process here.

Q: We are looking at an 8-person cedar hot tub with the largest heater & accessories, which is the appropriate one for that size tub? How long does it take to heat the water?

A: We have 4 sizes of hot tubs and various types of heaters, including wood fired hot tub heaters. With your needs, we would recommend our large cedar hot tub (74″ diameter), which is suited for 6-8 people. If the majority of time you will have 5-8 people using your wooden hot tub, this would be the size you should choose. This barrel hot tub holds approximately 523 gallons of water. With a large wood fired heater you would be looking at about 4 hours heating time.

Heating times vary based on 2 prime factors: starting temperature of the water, and type of wood used.

Q: Will a wood fired hot tub heater work for other types of hot tubs?

A: They will! You can learn more about the versatility of Timberline wood heaters at

Q: How do you recommend cedar hot tub sizes to match a woodfired heater?

A: When choosing a wood burning hot tub, it is important to not oversize it as the more water you have, the longer it takes to heat. Our most commonly recommend model is the Blaze 55,000 BTU wood fired hot tub heater, as it will heat up quicker, which is what most of our customers are looking for.

Q: We purchased the 50″ round cedar hot tub last year, and now have it installed. We are looking at purchasing the Timberline wood fired hot tub heater. We will have about 180 gallons of water (24″ deep) inside the tub. What size stove? What else should we purchase? We have the holes and the plugs already drilled and installed, and will need the heating pipes, hoses etc.  This is an off-grid hot tub, so we don’t want the filter – and will drain the tub for install.

A: We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying your cedar hot tub!  The Campfire is the wood heater for hot tub that you need, plus the connection kit – this also includes the chimney and all accessories.