Why a cedar hot tub?

cedar hot tub

Northern Lights has been crafting cedar hot tubs for over 25 years, and while our cedar tubs are high quality and built to last – one of the questions we get all of the time is, “Why cedar?”.

While cedar has that beautiful fresh and fragrant aroma – it’s not the only reason why we rely on it so much in crafting our barrel hot tubs (though it is a really nice part of it!).

At its core, cedar is robust and strong, and it’s long been the choice for not only barrel hot tubs, but for log cabins, canoes, fences, decks, and so many other structures that rely on its strength. Its natural oils give it added protection against rot and decay. And specific to our cedar hot tubs, it has a great expansion ratio from wet to dry – so it forms a tight seal! Adding to all of that, its strong but fibrous structure is filled with tons of micro air pockets – making it an incredible insulator, and ensuring your cedar hot tub stays as hot as possible, without the need for added levels of insulation on the sides. It’s really quite incredible.

As we do with our cedar barrel saunas as well, Northern Lights only uses clear (knot-free) grade A cedar for our barrel hot tubs, ensuring lasting quality and craftsmanship for years to come. As you customize your own hot tub, you can choose between Western Red Cedar, or Alaskan Yellow Cedar – both are great choices, with a straight grain pattern that gives them added stability against warping or twisting, and they’re both incredibly durable.

Last but definitely not least – we ensure that all of the the cedar we use for our barrel hot tubs is sustainably harvested from forests that adhere to the strictest reforestation practices. This ensures that not only do our forests stay healthy, but that this beautiful resource is available for many generations to come.

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Aquatherapy and cedar hot tubs

Aquatherapy and cedar hot tubs

Not only do they look incredible in any space, barrel hot tubs have the added benefit of depth that sets them ahead of other hot tubs, making aquatherapy and cedar hot tubs go hand-in-hand.

Aquatherapy is a great way to reduce the swelling of joints and inflammation, or add motion and physical activity with low impact effects on your body, whether you opt for a deep soak, or making use of the depth that the hot tub provides for aquatherapy exercises. The quiet but impactful jets offer added massage-like qualities that further enhance your experience!

What makes our cedar hot tubs even more beneficial is their ability to go from hot tub to chiller tub at the flip of a switch, with the use of an arctic heat pump. Cold plunge therapy has been used in sports rehabilitation for years, and is the perfect compliment to a heated soak. The mild shock of temperature change works overtime to aid the repair of strained and/or overworked muscles and joints.

Cedar hot tubs are perfect for any back yard, but are also featured in spas, hotels, and sport recovery locations all over the world for their soothing and healing benefits and high quality, low-maintenance, long-lasting design.

Learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy, why cedar is perfect for hot tub construction, or start designing your own cedar hot tub!

The Natural Luxury of Outdoor Tubs: Why Cedar Tubs Are the Best Choice

The Natural Luxury

When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, few things can rival the tranquil experience of soaking in an outdoor tub. The soothing embrace of warm water, the gentle rustle of the breeze, and the connection to nature create an oasis of calm in our busy lives. Among the various materials used to craft these outdoor retreats, cedar tubs stand out as a top choice. In this blog, we’ll explore why cedar tubs are the best option for your outdoor relaxation haven.

  1. Natural Beauty: Cedar wood possesses a natural elegance that enhances any outdoor space. Its warm, reddish-brown hue and distinctive grain patterns make it a stunning addition to your backyard or patio. Over time, cedar weathers gracefully, developing a beautiful silvery-gray patina that only adds to its appeal.
  2. Durability: Cedar is renowned for its durability and resistance to decay. Its natural oils act as a defense against insects and rot, allowing cedar tubs to withstand the elements and last for years. This resilience makes cedar an ideal choice for outdoor tubs, which are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions.
  3. Aroma Therapy: The aroma of cedar is not only pleasant but also therapeutic. The scent has a calming effect, promoting relaxation and stress relief. Soaking in a cedar tub allows you to indulge in the subtle, soothing fragrance of the wood, enhancing your overall relaxation experience.
  4. Insulation Properties: Cedar wood boasts excellent insulation properties, which help to maintain water temperature efficiently. This means you can enjoy longer soaks without worrying about the water cooling too quickly, saving both energy and enhancing your comfort.
  5. Low Maintenance: Cedar is relatively low-maintenance. Its natural oils and resistance to decay mean you won’t need to apply harsh chemicals or sealants to keep it in good condition. Occasional cleaning and minimal upkeep are all that’s required to keep your cedar tub looking and performing its best.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Cedar is a sustainable choice for your outdoor hot tub. It’s a renewable resource, and many cedar tub manufacturers prioritize responsible sourcing and production practices, making it an eco-friendly option for nature lovers.

In conclusion, if you’re considering installing an outdoor tub, cedar tubs are undoubtedly the best choice. Their natural beauty, durability, aroma therapy benefits, insulation properties, low maintenance requirements, and eco-friendly nature make them the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis. So, why wait? Invest in a cedar tub and elevate your outdoor relaxation experience to a whole new level.

Custom Cedar Hot Tub Installation

There’s nothing quite like making a space your own – whether that’s inside or out!

If you’re looking to add a cedar hot tub, but want to have a custom install to best suit your space – you’ve come to the right place! Northern Lights has been building cedar barrel hot tubs for over 25 years, with happy customers all over the world. Our engineers have worked on thousands of hot tub design installations from standalone cedar tubs, to those that are installed into a deck, in full or part. It’s incredible how versatile in design our cedar tubs can be – and we never get tired of seeing a completed project, where the hot tub beautifully integrates into a space.

Take a look at our design gallery for hot tub designs – including standalone hot tubs, half-deck hot tub installations, and full deck hot tub installations.

To see actual customer installations, also take a look at our hot tub gallery, or follow Northern Lights @cedartubs on Instagram – where we are always posting new and exciting projects to share.

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Small Hot Tub Options

One of the great things about cedar hot tubs is your ability to choose from multiple size options to be suit your needs, all while enjoying the quality and benefits of a Northern Lights cedar hot tub that you’ve come to expect.

Though you may think that the larger the hot tub the better, but option we’re actually asked about most is what we can offer for small cedar hot tubs! For the people that want a hot tub, but it will usually only be one or two people using it on a regular basis, for a rental space, or simply for those that have a smaller space – and need a cedar tub to suit.

When it comes to choosing a small cedar hot tub, you can opt for our classic cedar tub – which can be built sized for 2 people, up to 12 people! With this choice, you will have 6 heating options. See our classic cedar tub gallery for more inspiration and ideas, or see our hot tub design studio for great ideas on how you can build your cedar hot tub into your backyard plans.

Or, a popular option for 1 or 2 people is our ofuro hot tub – the Japanese soaker tub. While smaller in size, this cedar tub ships pre-assembled, and can hydrotherapy jets added in as well. The ofuro tub has 3 heating options to choose from, too. To see an ofuro tub in action – click over to our ofuro gallery. And of course, all of our cedar hot tubs can be converted into chiller tubs as well!

No matter what your needs of a hot tub are – rest assured that with over 25 years in the cedar hot tub business, you can expect nothing but the best long-lasting quality from Northern Lights hot tubs.

How Do Cedar Hot Tubs Stay Hot?

While cedar barrel hot tubs (in our humble, non-biased opinion) are the best-looking hot tubs available (take a look at our image gallery if you need more proof)  – we wanted to take a deeper dive (pun intended) into what keeps them hot and toasty without layers of insulation, starting from the top down!

The cover

Your very best investment when looking to purchase cedar hot tub (or any hot tub for that matter) is your cover! Because hot air rises, over 50% of heat loss occurs from the cover! Our covers at Northern Lights are either R14, or R21 – which are exceptionally well-insulated to ensure you lose as little heat as possible.

The cedar

There’s a reason you see so many log cabins built with cedar wood. Cedar is the best choice when it comes to an insulating wood material, hands down. Whether keeping those cabins toasty in winter, or cool in summer – cedar is an exceptional building material – for cabins, and for cedar barrel hot tubs alike. Even better yet, we ensure that our cedar hot tubs are crafted using only the best quality grade-A clear (knot-free) sustainably forested cedar available. Learn more about cedar here!

The barrel shape

The circular shape of our cedar barrel hot tubs are another large factor in keeping our hot tubs toasty. Simply put – due to the simplified shape vs a molded plastic tub, you end up with less surface area to keep hot, AND it allows up to 40% more water in the hot tub as well!

High quality design and construction

Last but certainly not least – we need to mention the design of our cedar hot tubs. We have been handcrafting cedar tubs for over 25 years with a design that’s easy to assemble, but stands up to the test of time – with pieces that tightly interlock and seal so as not to let any heat or hot water out. There’s a reason why you can find our cedar hot tubs in homes, spas, and resorts all over the world!

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Best in class for 10 years in a row!

We are incredibly happy to share that poolandspa.com has once again awarded Northern Lights cedar hot tubs and cedar barrel saunas their best in class award for the 10th year in a row!

Poolandspa.com is a Florida-based pool and spa website. Since 1998, their award program recognizes outstanding and superior products, innovation, and customer service in the pool and spa industry. To say we’re happy that they’ve consistently had our cedar hot tubs on their list for the last 10 years would be an understatement, and we so very much appreciate all that they do.

They gather their information based on a number of factors, including product inspections at trade shows, phone interviews, and consumer input (via a neutral third-party survey). Their best of class award program focuses on quality – not necessarily quantity – at varying price points.

Thank you again to Steve Larsen and his team over at poolandspa.com – and congratulations to all of the winners!

Using your cedar hot tub for cold plunge therapy

While there are many benefits to your cedar hot tub, one of the most-talked-about things we’re hearing about from athletes and athletic therapists all over the globe doesn’t involve heat at all! We’re talking about cold plunge therapy, and how this breathtaking practice is finding its way into spas, homes, and gyms everywhere.

What is cold plunge therapy?

Simply put – it’s the practice of taking your body from a very hot environment into a very cold one…very quickly. Usually a steam room or sauna is used to heat the body up, before submersing yourself in a cold plunge tub – whether you decide on a few seconds or a few minutes is up to you!

What are the benefits of cold plunge therapy?

Going from hot to cold quickly numbs the nerves surrounding your muscles and joints. This causes the body to release endorphins, which can aid in eliminating muscle and joint stress. The cold water also quickly causes the blood vessels to contract, and reduces joint and muscle swelling.

Another benefit often associated with cold plunge tubs is that it can help to increase the body’s immune system. The cold water stimulates the body into producing a hormones called cytokines. Cytokines are widely known to boast the body’s immune system, and help to protect against virus and bacteria that can cause colds and flues. The restriction of the blood vessels is also known to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

The Chinese and Romans practiced cold therapy for 1000’s of years, though you will now commonly see this practiced as Nordik spas and physiotherapy clinics worldwide.

Add a cold plunge tub to your own backyard

With the help of an Arctic heat pump, you can easily switch your cedar hot tub back and forth between hot and cold settings, allowing you to use your hot tub for BOTH heat and as a chiller tub for cold plunge therapy.

Our chiller tubs utilize an Arctic Air Source Heat Pump specifically designed for water refrigeration units to do the cooling. An external circulation pump and filter results in the refrigerated water being circulated through the tub. The refrigeration unit also has its own digital temperature controller, thus not requiring a separate external controller, allowing you to use your cedar hot tub to heat and cool.

Arctic heat pumps have been developed not only for pool and spa use, but for in your home, too! To learn more about Arctic heat pumps all over your home and business, visit the Arctic Heat website to learn more.

Northern Lights has been crafting cedar hot tubs and cedar barrel saunas for over 25 years – contact us anytime, our team of experts can help you find a solution that works best for you and your cedar hot tub!

Get the best of both worlds in a cedar hot tub that heats AND cools

Maybe you live in a location where it’s not unusual for a day’s temperatures to reach 95-100 degrees in the summer…and even evenings only “dip down” to a (still hot) 80 degree range. In extreme heat cases like that, the water in your hot tub would still heat up… even with the heater turned off! For a good part of the year, a chiller tub would be a wonderful addition to your yard, where you could happily enjoy a refreshing dip in tub with cooler water.

But then, winter arrives, the days and nights get downright cold – and a classic cedar hot tub is the only place you want to be.

But what if your cedar hot tub could do BOTH?!

cedar hot tub

Enter the Arctic Heat pump! Arctic Heat Pumps are the only heat pumps in North America that can both heat AND cool your hot tub, as well as operate in low temperature conditions (as cold as 20ºF) and still be efficient. Best of all, a heat pump will save you 60-80% on energy costs compared with a traditional electric heater.

The Arctic heat pump is a great way to make the most out of your cedar hot tub (or chiller tub), and get year-round enjoyment out of your investment. And that’s not all it can do, too – Arctic heat pumps have been developed not only for pool and spa use, but for in your home, too! To learn more about Arctic heat pumps all over your home and business, visit their website to learn more.

Northern Lights has been crafting cedar hot tubs and cedar barrel saunas for over 25 years – contact us anytime, our team of experts can help you find a solution that works best for you and your cedar hot tub!