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Tools required: A DIY Hot Tub Kit normally requires only common house hold tools such as screw driver, electric drill, 1/8" wood drill bit, rubber mallet, 2 adjustable wrenches, saw or utility knife.

People required: two

Time: weekend project

Other required work: Create foundation, electrical hook up by licensed electrician (if heating with electric jetted/filter system)

5ft 5in Tub Leveling the foundation
5ft 5in Tub Floor positioned
5ft 5in Tub with Positioning Staves
5ft 5in Tub Assembly completed
5ft 5in Tub with Seats Installed
5ft 5in Tub with Tub Connections Made
5ft 5in Tub with skid pad attached and with shelves
5ft 5in Tub with Accesories and water
1.) Prepare the foundation

Prepare the foundation

2.)Shipped with pre-assembled Floor

Shipped with pre-assembled Floor

3.) Position the floor in place

Position the floor in place

4.) Install the stave

Install the stave

5.) Install seats in a DIY Hot Tub

Install seats in a DIY Hot Tub

6.) Install plumbing in a DIY Hot Tub

Install plumbing in a DIY Hot Tub

7.) Completed tub Enjoy

Completed tub Enjoy

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