Small Hot Tub Options

One of the great things about cedar hot tubs is your ability to choose from multiple size options to be suit your needs, all while enjoying the quality and benefits of a Northern Lights cedar hot tub that you’ve come to expect.

Though you may think that the larger the hot tub the better, but option we’re actually asked about most is what we can offer for small cedar hot tubs! For the people that want a hot tub, but it will usually only be one or two people using it on a regular basis, for a rental space, or simply for those that have a smaller space – and need a cedar tub to suit.

When it comes to choosing a small cedar hot tub, you can opt for our classic cedar tub – which can be built sized for 2 people, up to 12 people! With this choice, you will have 6 heating options. See our classic cedar tub gallery for more inspiration and ideas, or see our hot tub design studio for great ideas on how you can build your cedar hot tub into your backyard plans.

Or, a popular option for 1 or 2 people is our ofuro hot tub – the Japanese soaker tub. While smaller in size, this cedar tub ships pre-assembled, and can hydrotherapy jets added in as well. The ofuro tub has 3 heating options to choose from, too. To see an ofuro tub in action – click over to our ofuro gallery. And of course, all of our cedar hot tubs can be converted into chiller tubs as well!

No matter what your needs of a hot tub are – rest assured that with over 25 years in the cedar hot tub business, you can expect nothing but the best long-lasting quality from Northern Lights hot tubs.