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Balboa BP501 Retro Fit Kit - Spa Pack with TP600 Controller cables and Wi Fi

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5.5Kw Digital Spa Controller - Wireless Smart Phone Integration
- Made in America -
Includes TP600 Top Side Controller & Wireless Adapter

Integrates with you iPhone, iTouch, Pad. and Android!

retro fit kit with wifi

Incomparable System Reliability

The BP Series is the 1st in a newly designed and improved plat form that focuses on reliability. The BP501 uses a more advance carbon bases casing that is highly flame retardant and impact resistant. New Features such as quick disconnect heater elements, Wi-Fi Ready, and Press and Hold topside navigation buttons.

Retrofit Kit

This is a retrofit kit and is designed to replace a complete spa pack with any other manufactures hot tub heating system such as Gecko, Colman, Hydro Quip, Spa Guts, Arctic Spa, LA Spas, Beach Comber, Sundance, Emerald Spas, Maxx Spa, Hydro Spa, Hot Spring to name a few. The retrofit kit comes complete with the digital top side controller, WiFi adapter, and a set of cables for two pumps, and an ozone. Detailed retrofit instructions are also included so that a spa owner can quickly change over to BALBOA the world leader in Spa Heaters.

M7 Technology

The BP Series uses M7 Technology which is simply the best spa pack technology on the market. Completely digital circuitry means less failure, more accurate heating range (+/- 1 degree F). And it now includes both a high range (80-104F) and a low range (50-99 F) operation. The Patented M7 Technology removes the need for pressure sensors and remote heat sensors common on other older spa packs. This unique technology allows the spa pack to be positioned in any location or direction (before or after the pump or before or after the filter).

retro fit kit with TP400 controllers and wifi

Although this spa pack can work at 120 VAC in which case it will produce 1.5 Kw of heat, it is primarily expected that it will be used at 230 VAC (requiring 30-50 AMP service) and will produce 5.5 kW of heat. One or more auxiliary heater, each producing 4.0 kW or 5.5kW can be slaved to the unit if more power is required. It's union tail pieces (included) fit standard 2" piping or with reducers can be easily adapted to 1.5".

Built in programmable features such a 12 or 24 hour filter cycle programming by duration or time of day, various power saving modes including standard, economy, and standard in economy mode, ozone suppression, clean up cycle, freeze protection, panel lock, temperature lock, standby mode for filter changes and sophisticated diagnosis and reminder measures are just some of the features. It also has the ability to select how much current will be drawn allowing a breaker as low as 30 Amp, yet still deliver the full 5.5 kW of electric heat. It has receptacles for the following:

Setup #1 -

1 x 2-speed pump1, 1 x 1-speed pump2, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #2 -

1 x 1-speed pump1, 1 x 1-speed pump2, Circulation Pump, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #3 -

1 x 2-speed pump1, 1 x 1-speed blower, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #4 -

1 x 1-speed pump1, 1 x 1-speed blower, Circulation Pump, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #5 -

1 x 2-speed pump1, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #6 -

1 x 1-speed pump1, Circulation Pump, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #7 -

1 x 2-speed 120v pump1, 120v Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #8 -

1 x 1-speed 120v pump1, 120v Circulation Pump, 120v  Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup #9 -

1 x 2-speed pump1, Circulation Pump, Ozonator, 12v Light

Setup 1-6 use 240v, pumps, blower and ozonator, although some field jumpers are available to mix 240 and 120 device

Connection for Audio/Visual components power (120 volt) is available as are connections to control auxiliary heater

dimensions of balboa spa pack


  • 10.56” High x 17” Long x 4.8” Deep
  • UL/CSA certification
  • Includes PN# 50056 TP600 Totpside Controller with warm, cool, light, jets overlay
  • Includes BWA 50350 Wi-Fi Module for use with iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device
  • Includes: 2 sets of pump cables and an ozone cable with AMP connector for Balboa Spa Pack
  • Includes: Detailed instruction manual for installation to replace another brand of Spa Heater
  • 120 or 230 VAC ozone support (circ pump and ozone must have same voltage)
  • 240VAC @ 60 Hz or 50 Hz, 30-60 Amp 3 wire (needs neutral wire)
  • High or Low current mode
    Max Load ratings: Pump 1= 16 amp; Pump 2/Blower = 12 amp; Ozonator = 1 amp; A/V = 5 amp; Light = 12 v @ 1 amp
  • The flow through heater tube must be a minimum of 20 USGPM if the heater is 4.0kW. This flow rate should be checked if your spa uses a small circulation pump such a Laing E14 or others made by Grundfos or Waterway Mighty-Might. These small pumps when used with 1” piping typically cannot produce this flow. A 3kW heater element is available which reduces flow requirement to 13 USGPM, call us!
  • Can only handle 2 pump (Pump One-1 or 2-speed pump | Pump Two- blower or 1- speed pump)
  • Warranty – 2 years for system including Heater and Serial top-side Panel
  • MADE IN AMERICA not China!


Balboa TP600 with warm, cool, light, jets1, jets2, flip button

ML700 Main 8-button Oval Panel PN 52649-01


Wireless Adapter

Wi-Fi Module- PN 50350

Wi-Fi Module- PN 50350


Our on-staff engineer means you get much more than just a quality product when you buy from us. Our engineer will help you before your purchase as well as during installation and will always be there for ongoing support afterwards, FREE OF CHARGE! Call us or email us and you will quickly see our difference!

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