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Get the best of both worlds in a cedar hot tub that heats AND cools

Maybe you live in a location where it’s not unusual for a day’s temperatures to reach 95-100 degrees in the summer…and even evenings only “dip down” to a (still hot) 80 degree range. In extreme heat cases like that, the water in your hot tub would still heat up… even with the heater turned off! For a good part of the year, a chiller tub would be a wonderful addition to your yard, where you could happily enjoy a refreshing dip in tub with cooler water.

But then, winter arrives, the days and nights get downright cold – and a classic cedar hot tub is the only place you want to be.

But what if your cedar hot tub could do BOTH?!

cedar hot tub

Enter the Arctic Heat pump! Arctic Heat Pumps are the only heat pumps in North America that can both heat AND cool your hot tub, as well as operate in low temperature conditions (as cold as 20ºF) and still be efficient. Best of all, a heat pump will save you 60-80% on energy costs compared with a traditional electric heater.

The Arctic heat pump is a great way to make the most out of your cedar hot tub (or chiller tub), and get year-round enjoyment out of your investment. And that’s not all it can do, too – Arctic heat pumps have been developed not only for pool and spa use, but for in your home, too! To learn more about Arctic heat pumps all over your home and business, visit their website to learn more.

Northern Lights has been crafting cedar hot tubs and cedar barrel saunas for over 25 years – contact us anytime, our team of experts can help you find a solution that works best for you and your cedar hot tub!

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