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How Do Cedar Hot Tubs Stay Hot?

While cedar barrel hot tubs (in our humble, non-biased opinion) are the best-looking hot tubs available (take a look at our image gallery if you need more proof)  – we wanted to take a deeper dive (pun intended) into what keeps them hot and toasty without layers of insulation, starting from the top down!

The cover

Your very best investment when looking to purchase cedar hot tub (or any hot tub for that matter) is your cover! Because hot air rises, over 50% of heat loss occurs from the cover! Our covers at Northern Lights are either R14, or R21 – which are exceptionally well-insulated to ensure you lose as little heat as possible.

The cedar

There’s a reason you see so many log cabins built with cedar wood. Cedar is the best choice when it comes to an insulating wood material, hands down. Whether keeping those cabins toasty in winter, or cool in summer – cedar is an exceptional building material – for cabins, and for cedar barrel hot tubs alike. Even better yet, we ensure that our cedar hot tubs are crafted using only the best quality grade-A clear (knot-free) sustainably forested cedar available. Learn more about cedar here!

The barrel shape

The circular shape of our cedar barrel hot tubs are another large factor in keeping our hot tubs toasty. Simply put – due to the simplified shape vs a molded plastic tub, you end up with less surface area to keep hot, AND it allows up to 40% more water in the hot tub as well!

High quality design and construction

Last but certainly not least – we need to mention the design of our cedar hot tubs. We have been handcrafting cedar tubs for over 25 years with a design that’s easy to assemble, but stands up to the test of time – with pieces that tightly interlock and seal so as not to let any heat or hot water out. There’s a reason why you can find our cedar hot tubs in homes, spas, and resorts all over the world!

Ready to take the plunge? Click here to get started designing your own tub!

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