STEP 4:- Select Recommended Options & Upgrades
Ozone Water Purifier
GOOD - The O3 Generator uses uV Light to produce OZONE, the strongest oxidizer available, to destroy dead organic compounds such as skin, lotions, body oils, and other mater introduced by bathers.  Ozone produced by the O3 Generator r is short lived and reduces the usage of chlorine of bromine and chemical oxidizers (MPS) by 60%.  It leaves no residue in the water.  Note: For our Xlarge tubs we recommend a corona discharge ozone generator for an additional $25 which can supply a larger amount of ozone per hour.
     $175.00 USD
Mineral Ionizer
BETTER- A Natural Alternative to Chemical Sanitation (eliminating bacteria & micro organisms) for Pools & Spas.  This is an alternative to using Bromine or Chlorine as the sanitizer.  Silver, Copper and Zinc are added to the water by electrolysis which kills over 650 types of bacteria and algae and stimulates healing of the skin.  NOTE:  This unit requires a pump.   This is an alternative sanitizer which eliminates the use of bromine. A water treatment kit is still recommended for the water balancing products, filtering enhancement products and oxidizing  products that  are still required.
     $515.00 USD
Ozone & Ionizer Combo
BEST- By using both mineral Ionizer and the Ozonator you can eliminate the use of harsh Bromine or Chlorine that is traditionally used as sanitation. No more harsh bromine odor or skin irritation.  You will have germ free water without any hassles of adding chemicals daily.  Buy both and save $65!
     $625.00 USD
Insulated Floor
For extra insulation we provide an insulated floor option.   This upgrade is suitable for colder climates such as Canada and Northern USA.  The styrofoam floor provides and extra R12 value.
     $175.00 USD
Water Treatment Kit - wood hot tubs
APPROVED FOR WOODEN HOT TUBS!  -This Water Treatment  Kit includes everything a 1st time user will need to maintain clear, perfect water! Included sanitizers, oxidizers, water balancing and filtering enhancement products. Included are a large bucket of bromine tablets with floating dispenser as well as liquid Na Br salt and Non-Chlorine Oxidizer (MIPS) to create Bromine in the 2-step method.  Balancing products include Calcium +, Alkaline +, PH +, PH -.  Other products include; De-foamer, natural enzyme scum remover, flocculent, chemical dispenser, 5-way water test kit. The most comprehensive water treatment kit in the business!
     $145.00 USD
22 Bulb LED Light
Cool! - MoodEFX22 is the world�s first digital, color-changing lights for wooden hot tubs, spas. They  create complex, entertaining light displays of deep, rich, saturated colors and dramatic color-changing effects. And since MoodEFX lights have no moving parts, noise and virtually no heat build-up, expect them to last for many years with no maintenance at all
small     $75.00 USD
WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Connection
WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Connection - With this up grade you now can have full control of your hot tub heater from any WiFi Connection through an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and all Android smart phones.  This upgrade includes a wireless transceiver that connects to any wireless home based router, Y-Splitter Cable and an up grade to the Balboa BP series spa pack capable of WiFi connectivity.
     $450.00 USD
Corona Discharge Ozonator
GOOD - The O3 Generator uses a corona discharge cartridge to produce OZONE, the strongest oxidizer available, to remove lotions, body oils, and fluids introduced by bathers. Ozone produced by the O3 Generator reduces chlorine or bromine usage by 60-70%, while reverting back to oxygen after being used, leaving nothing in the water.  This type of ozonator is suitable for large volume hot tubs such as the Hydrotherapy tub.
     $195.00 USD
lnternal Mood Light
This light kit is available with a wood heater option and uses a 12 VAC low voltage bulb with 3 color lenses.  There is an air actuator for on off control and the transformer and switching is located in a weather proof UL/CSA approved box outside the hot tub.  Requires a 120 VAC GFCI protected receptacle.
small     $195.00 USD
Upgrade to 6 jets + 2HP
Upgrade from 4 jets to 6 jets, includes an upgrade to a 2 HP pump
     $200.00 USD
Upgrade to 8 jets + 3 HP
Upgrade from 4 jets to 8 jets, includes an upgrade to a 3 HP pump
     $400.00 USD
Upgrade - 20 Jets
Upgrade to two larger 1.5 HP Jet pumps with a total of 20 Jets.
normal     $300.00 USD
STEP 5:- Select Your Wooden Accessories
Custom Cedar Stairs
The custom cedar stairs are a necessity for a stand alone hot tub. The extended handle makes getting in and out of the tub a breeze.  Each stair correctly matched the radius of the tub size.
     $465.00 USD
Custom Cedar Enclosures
Choose from two designs!  1. Custom cedar enclosure at the tub matches the radius of the tub. 2. Box style enclosure allows the pump, heater, filter and electronics to be remotely placed a distance from the tub.   These custom designed cedar housings protects the electronics including pump and heater from the elements. Removable top and large front door (on option 1) allow full access to the filer and mechanical components.   Made from 1 1/2" thick Western Red Cedar.
Box Enclosure     $485.00 USD
Tub Enclosure     $485.00 USD
Custom Cedar Shelves
The custom side shelves are a must for stand alone units. They allow users a secure spot to place drinks, towels and any other amenities, as well as locate the high low pump button, light button and air buttons. We recommend 3 to 4 sections! A Section Covers 1 1/2'. The 1st section ordered will contain specially hinged cover for the spa controller and holes to mount the air intake vents.view image Click here for shelf cover chart
     $120.00 USD
Custom Shelf Skirts
Vertical cedar skirting match the horizontal shelfs.  The skirting provides and beautiful look while concealing the jets and plumbing on the side of the tub.  One set of skirt per shelf.    
     $135.00 USD