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Deep soaking tubs

Soaking Tubs

Deep soaking tubs have been around longer than any other form of hot tub or spa. The advantages of soaking in warm water was discovered long ago by most civilizations. The ability of hot or warm water to aid the body and soul has been known for centuries.

Soaking tubs differ from regular spas in that they typically have no jets or hydro therapy systems. The primary use of soaking tub is to engulf the body in warm tranquil waters and lets one self unwind and release stress and tension. The warm water also increases the bodies circulation.

The most popular style of soaking tub is the Japanese Ofuro. These Asian tubs have been around for years and the art of bathing is considered spiritual by most Japanese. The Ofuro is a one or two person deep soaking tub that is not used for cleaning the body but more so for cleaning the mind.

Soaking tubs can be made from many materials, but wood is most often the choice. Wood has the distinct advantage of retaining heat much better than stone or plastic tubs. Cedar or Cypress wood is often used as it has a natural oil that resists rot or decay.

Soaking tubs are usually 2 feet or higher. This allow bathers to sit on the floor and soak up to their necks. The soaker tubs come in many shapes and sizes but generally they are only big enough for one or two persons.

The Chofu wood fired heater or propane versions are a perfect match for the soaker hot tub because they use no electricity and make no noise. Alternatively, small electric heating systems with quiet circulation pumps can be used.

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