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June 15, 2009

Northern Lights Selected as BEST OF CLASS!

Poolandspa.com News, Las Vegas, NV

Poolandspa.com, a Nevada based pool and spa web site, announces the winners of their 2009 Best Of Class Awards for companies in the pool and spa industry. The award signifies superior products and/or customer service in the pool & spa industry.

This years' Awards were based on a combination of factors including product inspections as well as very detailed consumer input through the use of a third-party consumer survey company.  Over 50,000 consumers were polled throughout the end of 2008 and in 2009.

Poolandspa.com was one of the first pool and spa companies to have a web site and has been on the net since 1994. They have presented their Best Of Class Awards every year since 1998. Award recipients receive a trophy, an award certificate, an editorial review and listings on the Poolandspa.com web site and in their online Newsletter publications.

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