Hot Tub Basics

"Tub Talk - with Dan Jung – Owner / Hot tub enthusiast"

Folks – I want to get into the nitty gritty here on the cedar hot tub experience. I like to call it an “experience” because the cedar hot tub provides such a unique assault of the senses!! – First, I know what you are thinking - this all sounds great but What sort of maintenance is required?

That being said - so far you love the product but you are thinking "What is the cost to operate my tub monthly?" From what you can tell this seems like an "Ikea" concept of knock-down furniture – but you want to know What sort of maintenance is required?

The problem is that you have heard of all of those rules like spend ‘only a max. of 15 minutes in the Hot Tub at one time’ – you are concerned and rightly so. "What is a safe temperature for my hot tub?" "You wonder if people who have illnesses or medical problems should avoid hot tubs?"

That is a lot of water going into that tub – I know I will probably have to change the water sometimes "How long will it take to heat my hot tub?" You have been to the other sites telling you about acrylic tubs – that is excellent, you are getting informed – but now you need to know "What are the differences between plastic tubs and your cedar tubs?"

Obviously there is some maintenance required to keep the water perfect with all tubs – but "Is a wood tub harder to keep clean?" And now for the big question folks "Is a wood tub less healthy then a plastic tub?