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Benifits of Ozone

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Benefits of Using an Ozonator

In this issue I want to discuss the benefits of using an Ozonator, which you will see is a highly recommended option that we offer.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is comprised of three atoms of oxygen - one of nature's basic elements. Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules high (about 90,000 feet) in the earth's atmosphere. This process creates what we know as the "ozone layer". Because the ozone absorbs the sun's energy, people on earth are protected from the damaging and potentially cancer-causing rays of the sun. Nature also produces ozone nearer to the earth's surface each time lightning flashes. The sweet, fresh smell observed after a thunderstorm is the fresh ozone in the air.

An ozonator naturally destroys contamination and micro-organisms using Ultra Violet Light (UV) to produce the ozone. This is a similar process that is found in water purifying system for drinking water. Its first large-scale use was the installation of an ozone purification plant for the city of Nice, France in 1906. Today, more than thirty countries use ozone systems to purify drinking water. In fact, the city of Los Angeles installed one of the largest ozone water treatment plants in the world, processing more than 74 million gallons of water per day. It is very safe and produces no by products except pure oxygen. We connect our ozonators so that the ozonator is powered when the pump is on low speed and, therefore, this is when Ozone is introduced into the water . Ozone is very fleeting with a half life of 22 minutes naturally. In the hot tub it is introduced through the aspiration of of one of the jets. It can be effective only as long as it stays in solution in the water. Being a gas it will constantly bubble out of the water. Once the ozonator is shut off, there is little continuing sanitation. Therefore the best way to use an ozonator is to not use a timer on the Spa Pak, so the pump runs continuously. In this case Chlorine or Bromine , although still needed can be used sparingly. This will greatly prevent these substances from damaging the wood.

In the hot tub industry ozone is produced one of two ways. The 1st is by using a special lamp gives off a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light which converts Oxygen O2 molecules into Active Oxygen, Ozone O3 molecules. This all occurs instantly inside the Ozone chamber in the Ozone Generator. The second is using a Crona Discharge (CD). In this system, Ozone is produced by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge, or corona. A minimum of 5,000 volts of electricity is necessary to create the corona. Air or concentrated oxygen dried to a minimum of -60 degrees C dew point passes through the corona which causes the O2 bond to split, freeing two O atoms which then collide with other O2 molecules to create ozone, the ozone/gas mixture discharged from the CD ozone generator normally contains from 1% to 3% ozone when using dry air .

Ozone is by far the safest method of sanitizing a hot tub both for the wood and the human skin. Over use of chemicals will in the long run deteriorate the fibers of the wood causing very fine fiber residue to form which will require frequent cleaning of the filter, not to mention the negative effects on skin and eye irritation that excessive chlorine can cause. Because the ozonator greatly lowers the amount of Chlorides required to purify the water, it will provide a much longer life to the inside of the hot tub and reduce the chemical requirements by up to 70%. This will effect your pocket book on the positive side over time, as chemicals purchases come at a cost.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your tub or have any experiences you would like to share, please call or email me any time.

Happy Tubbing!

Dan Jung

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