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"Tub Talk - with Dan Jung – Owner / President / Hot tub enthusiast"

Aqua Therapy Tub

Over the years we have done a number of custom designed hot tubs. However in the last two years we noticed and increase in the number of request for 5’ high hot tubs. When enquiring as to the use of this size of tub, we found that some customers were looking for a deep hot water tub on the advice of their physician for exercise.

When we studied the market, we realized a few things.

  1. No Plastic hot tub or acrylic spa was made in a 5’ depth. The only alternative was a full swimming pool.
  2. Exercising in warm water was recommended by physicians and physiotherapist for a large number of physiological ailments such as arthritis, sports injury and weight loss. Warm water exercising is even recommended by the Arthritis Association.
  3. Our kit tub design could “Boldly go where no tub has gone”. Because of the easy kit assembly, the Aqua Therapy Tub could be installed indoors through any 6’- 8” standard household door way. Making its application for both indoor and out door use!
  4. We could produce a hot tub that featured multiple therapeutic benefits such as Aqua Aerobic Therapy, Hydro Therapy, and a revolutionary Hydro Massage Therapy.
  5. We could offer this special tub at an affordable price point

Dieter, our engineer took up the challenge to design a new tub that would allow bathers much more than the traditional soaking hot tub. To begin with he changed the stave height to 5’ making this the deepest hot tub on the market. With this increase in height, we have added a forth strap in order to contain the 1000 + gallons of water.

Aqua Hot TubNext Dieter re-engineered the seating design to allow for much more useable space in side the tub. He chose a more practical “combination seat and step” design that allowed users to easily access the tub and still provide seating room while allowing more space to move about inside the tub.

Aqua Hot Tub JetsAnother significant change was the design of a full massage wall. Unlike traditional hot tubs that only focus on the back side muscle groups, this vertical wall of jets allows an innovative 360 degree massage. Now bathers can get a “Total” body massage that includes the back side muscle groups as well as side muscles and frontal muscle groups. This unique ‘Massage Center’ has jets that cover upper and lower muscles groups form the calf’s to the shoulders.

Aqua Hot Tub LinerNew to the Aqua Therapy Tub is the introduction of a plastic liner on the inside. While the traditional cedar cooperage design is ideal for holding water, we believed that market for this product would want both indoor use applications as well as out door. Given the tendency for wooden hot tubs to leak when 1st filled as the wood initially expands, we thought that by adding a liner, customers could now safely install a wooden hot tub indoors without initial-leakage worries. The liner we choose is a 30 ml vinyl custom fit liner with a matching wood grained pattern that blends in with the cedar. This liner comes complete with a 10 year warranty.

You will find this tub comes standard with wooden accessories such as cedar side shelves and cedar skirting to place drinks and towels as well as hide the jet plumbing. It also comes standard with custom designed stairs and a hand railing to make entry in and out of the tub easy.

We include not one but two LED mood lights that run in sync to produce an array of colorfully lighting effects that is sooth the mind and sole. As with our regular hot tubs, we equipped the Aqua Therapy Tub with only the best components such as touch pad LCD top side controls, Balboa Digital Spa Pack controllers with 5.5 Kw or 11 Kw heating options, Ultra Jet, quiet, high efficiency pumps, and Rainbow filtration systems that produce the crystal clear water.

New to this model is the introduction of natural salt water purification system. Sanitation is done using only low levels of therapeutic salt in combination with low voltage electrolysis. Gone are the days of monitoring chlorine and bromine levels. No more red eyes, or irritated skin caused by heavy chlorine and bromine. No more bleach clothing and chlorine odors! In fact these systems have been in use in Australia and Europe for over 30 years. Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is one of the 1st hot tub manufactures to offer this new system.

There is so much excitement on the benefits of salt water and salt water sanitization that I will be focusing an entire “Tub Talk” on these systems so STAY TUNED!

In conclusion our new Aqua Therapy Tub fits a very niche market, a market where customers demand more from their investment! Consumers are increasing their focus towards health and well being. The Aqua Therapy Hot Tub was designed to be the ultimate in pleasure, exercise and relaxation. Given the affordable price of our hot tubs, consumers can now enjoy all the benefits of these Aqua Tubs (previously reserved for high end spas, and sports and physiotherapist clinics) at their own home!

Happy Tubing

Dan Jung

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