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Other Operating Costs: Chemicals and Parts


Chemicals and Replacement parts

One very common question I get is "what are the hidden operating costs of owning a hot tub"? Most customers know that there are energy costs associated with ownership but what about cost such as chemicals and replacement parts such as filters? This should certainly be factored into your budget when deciding what tub is right for you.

Northern Lights has always had a philosophy of maintaining a relationship with our customers long after the sale! As such you will find almost all our parts both chemicals and accessories are priced lower than you would be able to purchase through your local retail outlets. We know there are cost outside heating operation and find that nearly 90% of our customers continue to buy their chemical and supplies through us.


1.) Low price even after shipping- visit our online hot tub parts store and compare!

2.) Chemical Free Sanitation - Customers who choose our chemical free ozone & ionization combo, quickly find that the system pays for itself in many ways. 1st there are no more cost associated with purchasing sanitizers chlorine and bromine. 2nd no more measuring and testing of the water, once you have initially balanced your water you can simply forget it! 3rd No more smells and skin irritants associated with Bromine and Chlorine. 4th a hot tub that will last for years and years as it is not effected by ozone and mineral ionization!

3.) Approved for wooden tub products- I want to spend a minute talking about this as it is often overlooked. The fact is most pool and spa shops know nothing about wood hot tubs. However, they would like you to spend your money in their business. I can't tell you how often I have had calls from customers regarding wood fibers in their filter. When we examined the problem closer, it is almost always because they were purchasing the wrong chemicals. Sure, it might work in plastic but a wood hot tub is different. (Did you know chlorine is also used in pulp and paper industry to break down fibers). I bet your local pool sales person doesn't know that! As such we make sure each product we provide in our chemical system is approved for wooden hot tubs. This means it has been tested for years and years before we give it the stamp of approval. Even if you don't own a wooden hot tub these approved chemicals are guaranteed to be much safer on skin and bathing suites, while being equally as effective.

Q: So, what should I budget for operating costs?

A: If you are using our Ozone Ionizer Combo, and have neutral water, you should be safe at about $75-100/year in chemicals and replacement filters.

Q:  Do I need to buy them through Northern Lights?

A: Absolutely not, but be sure the products you use have the same chemicals ingredients as the ones that came with your tub. If you are uncertain, just give us a call.

Happy Tubbing
Dan Jung