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Hot Tub Spa Parts

Hot Tub Spa Parts

Hot tubs have a lot of parts, and at some point, during the years you own a tub, you'll have to deal with a part needing to be fixed or replaced. In fact, some parts, like the water filter cartridge, need to be replaced at regular intervals, even when properly maintained. Think of your car's oil filter. Even when it can still function, it should be replaced to be safe. It's the same principle with your hot tub's filter. Better to spend a few dollars every now and then on such a minor part than to face a huge bill when a faulty filter causes clogs or internal damage.

Some parts of your hot tub just require routine checking and cleaning to continue working well for the life of the spa. The jets are a good example. Jets are made of rust-proof metals, like bronze or stainless steel. They simply need to be checked about once a month (for hot tubs seeing frequent use) to clean any calcium or other deposits that build up.

It's also a good idea when you've drained your hot tub spa (every 3-6 months) to manually check each jet to ensure that it is still properly positioned and reliably connected to the water source at the lining. With regular use, jets get bumped and jostled by bodies, so don't overlook checking them regularly. A jet is a relatively inexpensive hot tub part to replace, but totally unnecessary with diligent maintenance.

Your spa's water pump is the heart of the entire system, and it consists of several parts. Some of those parts can wear out over time or by rough handling. The motor that drives the pump is generally made to handle the load and last the life of your hot tub. However, as with all motors, things can and do go wrong occasionally. Try to get the best warranty you can to cover the motor and its main parts, as these can be costly to repair or replace.

If you stick to a schedule of regular system checks, cleaning, and general maintenance, your hot tub spa should supply you with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

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