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Options for Deck Design - Hot Tub

Planning to install a hot tub? While picking one out, consider the deck design you'll want to compliment it. It's an important decision, and not as simple as it might seem at first blush. Do you want it to match your tub design or your house's trim? How big should the deck be? What should it be made from?

Some hot tub decks are designed simply for access to the tub. They consist of a set of stairs or a ladder and a minimal platform on which to stand as you lower yourself into the water. This is fine for some folks, but this type of deck can quickly become a bit frustrating, especially if you use your hot tub a lot. Where do you keep a towel handy, so it won't get wet? What if you want to get out for a few minutes but don't want to get completely off the deck?

A nice deck design for people who use their tubs a lot is to have it built to accommodate a table and chairs. This simple addition will make the time you spend around your hot tub much more convenient and enjoyable. You can count on getting overheated from time to time in your tub, and it's very nice to be able to get out and sit at a table for a cool beverage or just to air out without having to climb all the way down and go inside the house. Keep a stocked cooler handy for those occasions.

If you have a large hot tub, your deck design should include enough space for the needs of all the people who may be using your tub at the same time. Some will stay in the water the whole time, while others will prefer to stand outside it or move in and out frequently. Give them lots of room, some handy deck chairs, a table or two, and a railing to support themselves if they're standing.

Japanese soaking tubs on the other hand need much smaller space and generally one step is all that is required to get in and out. Typically, these soaking tubs are designed for calmness and a quiet location will be preferred.

Finally, you'll want a deck that complements both your hot tub and your home's exterior. Choose the material carefully! You really cannot go wrong choosing a rich wood material, like cedar or oak, which blends nicely and enhances virtually any décor. Cedar has the advantage of not needing to be stained, and it lasts a long time in great condition.

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