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Health benefits of the big Aqua Tub - Part2

Health benefits of the Big Aqua Tub - Part2

The truth about Hydrotherapy: Conditioning and flexibility? Arthritis Relief?

When looking at the inherent benefits and health advantages surrounding hydrotherapy and aqua tubs it is very easy to get lost in some of the confusing, even misleading sales and marketing documentation and literature regarding the topic.

Understanding the aqua-tub hydrotherapy basics involves, purpose, effects, process and impact can all help in evaluating the merits and understanding of some of the claims regarding the value and payoffs of these methods and utilities.

The basic purpose of this process is the natural cleansing or the body through perspiration by opening the pores of the skin and flushing out the impurities in the body through the natural process of “sweating”. Unlock the secrets and benefits of physical rejuvenation and stress relief for yourself, reviving muscles after exercise and/or even benefiting from pain and arthritis relief, without the side effects of having to take medications!

Here is a summary that following the logical reasoning and process involved in aqua tub or hydrotherapy-related activity:

  1. When you partake of this activity, the heat forces blood circulation near the skin and stimulate sweating.
  2. Joint pain, muscle aches and tense overworked muscles and body parts will all be rejuvenated.
  3. As the temperature rises, even on the surface of your skin, blood vessels dilate, and circulation in the skin climbs.
  4. As resistance to blood flow through your veins and capillaries drops, your blood pressure goes down.
  5. Then your heartbeat increases to keep blood pressure normal.
  6. This cause-and-effect calls on the whole living system to respond.
  7. It sounds logical that increased circulation, stimulation and overall call to action on the body, will include muscle groups and joints!

It is also recommended that for any optimization of health benefits that you follow the right procedure for example:

  1. When taking a cedar sauna, or engage in hydrotherapy allow yourself time to relax and to do so completely!
  2. Remove restrictive clothing and jewelry and if required, wear a towel loosely.
  3. After 10 minutes or so or when in your opinion perspiration begins, leave and relax in dressing area or close by recreation room. Follow with a cool shower.
  4. NOTE TO SELF: Cooling time should equal time spent in sauna. Enter again and stay 5 or 10 minutes. Repeat the cycle 2 or 3 times; end with a brisk shower. Rinse in cool water. Dress when completely dry and perspiration has stopped.

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