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Health benefits of the big Aqua Tub


Health benefits of the big "Aqua Tub” and Hydrotherapy are namely Arthritis relief, Muscle Aches and Pains, Stress Relief

Praises are sung on the numerous Health Benefits of Saunas and hydrotherapies. Here is an opportunity to separate fact from myth, science from fiction. Behind the sales talk and hype, there are some real benefits that you would like to capitalize on and optimize to get the most out of your big Aqua Tub, whether you already are enjoying its many pleasures and comforts, or are still contemplating your purchase. You will need to be diligent and mindful of what information is being circulated in the name of health (just to sell more products!) Cut through the marketing jargon and let the benefits, evidence and features speak for themselves.

There seems to be a consensus and medical practitioners from all walks and disciplines agree that regularly taking a sauna is still one of the healthiest things you can invest in for your overall health and wellbeing. You will look, feel and be able to function better.

This natural cleansing process of perspiration cleans the body of toxins NATURALLY. What we put into and expose our bodies to, the polluted environment we live in function to all produce imbalances and toxins build up in our bodily system that needs to be removed, to avoid illness, injury or even death. It asks for a bit of a paradigm shift, in that we must take a more pro-active role and hands-on responsibility for what happens to our bodies in general.

Some other parties have identified and verified a wide range of health benefits such as:

  1. Detoxifying the body and reversing in effect all the cumulative buildup of harmful chemicals
  2. It enhances circulation in both deep and surface tissues.
  3. Accelerates healing from wounds, injuries, and surgeries, and thus reduces scarring.
  4. Improves skin nourishment/skin condition.
  5. Warms muscles (maximizes muscle performance and minimizes exercise related injury).
  6. Enhances nutrient/oxygen supply to deep tissues.
  7. Promotes softening and elasticity of old scars (internal or external) and keloids.
  8. Promotes deep cleansing of skin pores.
  9. The sauna cleans the body thoroughly from the inside out.
  10. Heavy perspiration in a sauna is an excellent way to combat skin blemishes including acne, which is the result of blocked pores and an external manifestation of a toxic body.
  11. Induces muscle relaxation.
  12. Accelerates metabolism (approximately 600 calories burned in 30 minutes).
  13. Accelerates breakdown of cellulite/fat.
  14. Boosts the immune system.
  15. Reduces pain (promotes analgesia).
  16. Reduces physiological and mental/emotional stress.
  17. Improves digestion.
  18. Provides an anti-cancer effect (induced by hypothermia, enhanced immune and circulatory systems and elimination of carcinogenic toxins)
  19. Losing weight effortlessly
  20. Easing sore and tired muscles
  21. Relieving back pain or arthritis
  22. Combating colds and sinus problems, lower your likelihood of getting ill due to colds and flu
  23. Improving skin's look and feel
  24. Feelings of wellbeing, peace, tranquility and generally more relaxed
  25. Sleeping better
  26. Socializing with family or friends
  27. Getting a closer shave, due to hairs being softer and many more! The list goes on and on.


The BIG THREE: Health benefits of the big "Aqua Tub" (Part2)