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Beauty Of Teak Tubs?

Natural Look And Feel Of Teak Wooden Bathtubs

European Teak Tub

Most would describe these wooden beauties as luxury,  simplified!  They are designed and quality-manufactured to last, with a finish that protects against scrapes and rot.

Its draws back to a simple time and past practice ? modernized! Handcrafted, custom-sized, install-kits, eco-friendly friendly and produced with sustainable forestry techniques in tow are on offer.  These teak tubs offer you unique, elegant and sophisticated features within and around your home, location or property to add that special touch. It will certainly not go unnoticed. In most of its forms and sizes it does not sacrifice its minimalist yet decadent ultimate European-styled bathroom or  retreat.  

Their beauty lies inherently in their construction, material, impression, aesthetics and functionality.  Teak tubs draw inspiration from a variety of places and remind of select and unique product solutions from Europe. They offer styling and superior wood products for domestic as well as recreational use, applications for both indoors and out!

The teak tub is often described as being a select design in the old ?cooperage tradition?, which is actually an ancient wood crafting method with its roots in Europe that can be traced back for generations of artisans and applications.

Teak tubs sport superior workmanship and consist of all-teak blocks, which have been kiln dried to the lowest moisture level possible. Handcrafted and one-of, customized touches that add charm and style to your dwelling and outside locations come to life. Teak ?treated?, specialty manufactured wood will not warp, expand or shrink due to changes in the environment such as heat, cold or high humidity.

The wood is choice product that due to its natural properties, can withstand the harshest of conditions, heat, wind, water, snow and the like.

Stainless or brass strips typically hold the whole piece together, inter-locking so to speak, sealed, leak-proofed and will not crack or dry out.

Matching products like teak vanities and lids, custom covers and more are also available to complete the look. The natural grain and wood structure is unique in each piece and linseed oil can be used to treat, clean and ensure longevity.