California Hot Tubs - A Way of Life

The California Hot Tub Way of Life

California Hot Tub Way of Life

In California, more so than any other US state, owning a hot tub is a way of life. When you think about hot tubs, it's easy to envision a group of folks enjoying the experience on a beautiful California Hot Tub evening up in the hills overlooking San Francisco or Los Angeles. Originally Redwood Hot Tubs were the craze in California but as red wood supply decreased they changed to Cedar which provided better insulation value.

The reason California Hot Tubs seems to go together is, first, because it's true that many Californians own them. But beyond that, it also has to do with attitude. A lot of people have a perception about the people in California (especially around the big cities) that includes a laid-back attitude and enjoying a good party. Well, "laid-back" and "party" certainly describe the hot tub experience!

California is, of course, a big state that extends North-to-South. This means that residents of that state can literally go from heavy snow and frigid temperatures at one end to 100 degrees and desert at the other end - all in the same day. This unique climatic situation makes cedar an ideal wood of choice for any wooden hot tub. Cedar is a great wood for hot dry climates and an ideal wood for wet rain forest regions. Both types of climate exist in California.

In the Northern and mountainous regions of California, where colder weather sets in and snow can be an issue, you may want to consider upgrading to a R21 cover for more insulation as well as for extra support. In the mountain regions it is not unheard of to get 4 feet of snow in 24 hours?

Shipping hot tub to California - We ship nearly almost 25% of our hot tubs to California as the popularity and culture as well as weather is so suited to a wooden hot tub.

Gas hot tub heaters in California - More than any other state in the United States, gas hot tub heaters are the most popular choice of heating. This is a direct result of high electrical costs and cheap natural gas. We have a many hot tub heating options for those that want to use gas from our Gas heater soaking tub with no jets to our high-performance gas heating system with up to 16 jets. If you live in California chances are you will want to look at our gas heating systems!