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Choosing Hot Tub Steps

Choosing Hot Tub Steps

A lot of hot tubs require steps to get in and out comfortably. These accessories are sold separately by many spa dealers, and you have lots of choices. Many tub owners opt for steps that match the trim on their new spas, but that's by no means required. You have complete freedom to choose any style. Here are some of your options.

Standard Steps

If you have a shorter hot tub, requiring only a minimal step height to access the water, a single step is all you need. You may wish to get a double or triple step for even easier access (especially for short adults and children), but some tubs only require a single step that raises eight to twelve inches off the ground.

Double or triple steps are necessary for hot tubs that have higher walls and deeper interiors. As mentioned above, be sure to consider your shorter family members and friends who will also be using your hot tub (children too!). If a double step will suffice, it's not overkill to go ahead and get the triple step.

All of these standard hot tub steps come in a variety of materials, from Redwood hot tubs steps or Cedar hot tub steps, to aluminum with traction treads, to molded plastic in every color you can imagine. If your hot tub trim is hard to find a step for that matches, pick up an unfinished wood step and paint or stain it to match. Just be sure to waterproof the wood first if it's not a wood that naturally resists water rot.

Storage Steps

An ingenious option in hot tub steps is the storage step. If you own a hot tub, you know there are several items it helps to have handy (tanning lotion, extra towels, glasses for drinks, etc.). Storage steps conveniently store such items for ready access without being visible when not in use. These steps come in wood or plastic and lots of styles. They cost a bit more, but not so much that it's a serious concern.

Safety First

Whichever type of hot tub step you choose, always think safety first. You and your guests will be getting out of your spa with wet feet, obviously. Make sure the steps you place your feet on are sturdy, balanced, and have good traction pads that will prevent wet soles from slipping.