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Compiling a Smart Deck Hot Tub Plan

Compiling a Smart Deck Hot Tub Plan

If you want to build your own deck for a hot tub, coming up with a good plan before you start building is essential. If the deck will be ornamental and won't have to support the weight of your hot tub, you have a lot of options. You can use your choice of materials and the only real safety concern will be ensuring that it can support the weight of several adults standing and walking on it.

However, if you plan to build a hot tub deck that will fully support the tub, much more care needs to be taken in the planning and execution. The first thing to take into consideration is the weight that must be supported. Most hot tubs weigh 750-1,000 pounds when empty, and the larger ones will approach 5,000 pounds when full of water and several adults.

So, the support system underpinning your deck will need to be strong and long-lasting. Check with a professional for the best plan to build a tub-supporting deck that will be completely safe and last for years. The basic idea to keep in mind is this: the bigger the deck (diameter), the more support posts you'll need in the center, so the weight of the full tub doesn't cause the sagging and potential safety issues.

When planning your hot tub deck, think about realistic uses. If you know it will be primarily used by just yourself and your spouse or significant other, a small deck should suffice. If you're a 'no nonsense ‘hot tubber’ - you get in, stay in, then go back in the house - a deck that simply gives you the necessary access to the tub is probably all you need.

On the other hand, if you plan to throw parties and have the maximum number of bodies in your hot tub on a regular basis, more thought should be put into your deck plan. The deck will become the central focus for things like having drinks, accommodating the people who want to talk but can't fit or don't want to get into your hot tub, and all the towels and clothing that needs to be within arm’s reach.

If you take the time to think these issues through and even write it all down, you'll find that planning a hot tub deck will cover all the bases. It will be much easier to build with confidence when the time comes for hammer to meet nail.