Finding a Used Hot Tub For Sale

Finding a Used Hot Tub for Sale

You may find yourself wanting a hot tub but not being able to afford a shiny new one. Not to worry! While not a large niche market, if you look around you can find a used hot tub for sale, either near where you live (bigger cities) or online. At last check, there were half-a-dozen, or so used spas being offered at eBay, for example.

If you do go the used route, there are a few tips you should follow to avoid paying too much or getting stuck with a defective hot tub. If you find a used tub within your area, you have a decided advantage because you can physically inspect the spa before agreeing to buy it. Online purchases of used hot tubs are a bit riskier, but if you're careful to work out a contractual agreement with the seller, you'll have some recourse if the spa turns out to be a dud.

If you can personally inspect the used hot tub for sale, look for tale tell signs of poor maintenance. These include a permanent 'tide line' at the high-water line (indicates infrequently treated water), a dirty filter, and scaly residue inside the tub (especially on the bottom). These signs should make you a bit warier about buying that particular hot tub, although in many cases the "damage" isn't necessarily an indication of how the spa will perform for you or how long it will last in your care.

A cracked hot tub can be costly to repair. Inspect the used spa's inner and outer lining very closely for minute hairline cracks or gouges that may turn into cracks. Bring along an experienced hot tuber friend if you're unsure of what to look for.

It's a good idea to see any used hot tub in action before you agree to buy it. If, when you visit to inspect it, it has been drained or is disconnected, you should arrange for a return visit or wait for it to be hooked up, filled up, and turned on. Never take the seller's word for anything - it's a big investment, even for a used tub.