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Finding the Best Hot Tub

Best Hot Tub

If you're in the market for the best wood hot tub, there's no lack of choices, that's for sure! Hot tubs come in many diverse sizes - from small and cozy to accommodate a couple, to large "party" styles that can easily handle seven or more adults. They also come with a wide array of jet configurations to fit anyone's taste.

Heaters is another deciding factor when looking for the best wood hot tub. With options such as wood fired hot tub heaters, electric spa packs with jets, or gas heating options, there are a lot of choices.... When looking for the best wood hot tub make you choose a tub with a great heater.  The heater is often the week link and you want to deal with a reputable manufacture such as Pentair or Balboa for heaters. 

What it all comes down to is deciding what's best for you and the others who will be using your hot tub the most. Hot tubbing is an experience for several of your senses, and for most hot tub owner people it's more than just a pleasant, warm, and wet tactile sensation. It includes your senses of smell and vision as well.

A good hot tub should appeal to you on several levels. It should relax you when you look at it, when you slip into the soothing waters, and by the pleasant aromas it produces. It's the latter sense that many people fail to take into consideration when buying a hot tub. You want total body relaxation, right? That means you want to enjoy soothing aromas with every inhalation. Cedar is the perfect choice of wood as its aromatic oils have been sought after around the world!

For the last few decades, the trend has been toward plastic molded hot tubs. They're fine for easy upkeep and the experience is enjoyable. However, plastic tubs lack a few important ingredients

  • Aroma: It just doesn't produce any smell that could be considered pleasing. At best, plastic exudes no smell. At worst, you get a chemical, manufactured aroma. Not exactly relaxing!
  • Depth: A true 4' tall tub provides the ultimate in relaxation, and full body buoyancy that no other plastic tub can match. We even feel that 42" or 36" wood hot tubs simply don't cut it, that is why we have stopped manufacturing shallower tubs as the 48" is much superior!
  • Simplicity: Back to the basics! Now days you can find hot tubs with TV's, DVD etc.... When looking for the best wood hot tub you will find none of these. Instead what you can expect is a pure hot tub experience the way it was meant to be. With or with out jets... Your choice.

For centuries before the advent of modern technology and plastics, wood was the material used in making hot tubs. There really wasn't any other viable choice. However, certain types of wood, it was discovered, lent themselves nicely to the overall hot tub experience. Oak was one such material, and cedar was another. Both woods expand when soaked, forming a better waterproof seal for the tub. However cedar is a softwood and has one great advantage over oak and other hard woods such as teak..... It is a great insulating wood as well.

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