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Hot Tubs in Portland, Oregon

Hot Tub Portland, Oregon

The Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area has long been a hot spot for natural springs, hot tubs, and spa resorts. The geological elements just happened to have combined perfectly in that entire region to produce a lot of natural hot springs. The natives have known and appreciated this aspect of life in and around Portland for generations, and this has led to a healthy interest in hot tubs and day spas.

Portland and its outlying areas are also famous for fishing, whitewater rafting, and other outdoor adventures. This draws a lot of vacationers from all over North America, which in turn means a lot of resorts and luxury hotels. It seems that nearly every one of them has hot tubs aplenty, either in private rooms or in a more communal spa environment.

Hot tub sales in Portland are brisk. Residents add them to their homes at a significantly higher rate than for the rest of the country. Part of this is the culture in Portland, which tends to be more open, Liberal, and outdoor-oriented. Hot tub use in America had its origins in 1960s "hippy" communes in California, after all.

If you visit the Portland area, you'd be doing yourself a favor by driving about 40 minutes to check out the Bonneville Hot Springs area. This is one of the better experiences in a region chock full of possibilities. Located just on the Washington side, the Columbia River is nearby, offering water sports and scenery that is truly breathtaking. The Bonneville Hot Springs Resort even offers spring-fed hot tubs and Jacuzzis, as well as European style day spa amenities.

Portland is also dotted with wellness centers - places for total body relaxation, mental and spiritual replenishment, and general pampering. Most of these spas include wood hot tubs and cedar saunas that thoughtfully offer both communal and gender-specific schedules. Many of the centers are located around natural hot springs, which feed the hot tubs for a unique and invigorating experience.