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Hydro Massage Information

Hydro Massage Therapy

Research has shown massage, heat and whirlpool to have the following effects:

  • Increased blood circulation for better homeostasis
  • Decreased muscle tension for better movement
  • Increased oxygen absorption in the blood stream for better energy
  • Decreased inflammation and muscular toxins for better injury recovery
  • Increased release of endorphins for better feeling of well-being
  • Decreased blood pressure for better circulatory health and stress relief
  • Decreased muscle guarding for better effectiveness of treatments
  • Increased muscular range of motion for better flexibility

The Aqua Therapy Tub?s unique ability to offer hydro massage while standing in near buoyant water is comparable only to that of a $95/hour massage.  Given the ability to massage all parts of the body including back muscles, side muscles and front muscles is truly unique.  The warm water already increases blood flow to the skin and muscle tissues.  The added gentle pressure of water applied to the muscles and joints is perhaps the quickest way to relieve pain and stress and inflammation. 

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