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iPhone or iPad Wireless Controller

All our electronic spa heaters can now be equipped with a iPhone or iPad wireless controller. With our new BP1500/1600 or BP2000/2001 series spa packs you can now use your iPhone to monitor and control all the hot tub functions both in North America and Europe.

What is required - In order to access your hot tub on you iPhone or iPad, you will need to upgrade to our BP series spa pack from the VS standard spa pack. With this upgrade you will receive the wireless transceiver and a Y-Cable splitter. The transceiver plugs into the Y-Cable and broad casts a wireless Wi-Fi signal. You can then install the APP FREE of charge from the Apple Store and begin to control your hot tub with your iPhone or iPad.


Current Wireless Control function is limited to transceiver range of about 200 ft. Coming May 2013 you will be able to access your hot tub using any Wi-Fi signal world wide through your home router.

iPhone or iPad Wireless Controller