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Large Tree Planter

Cedar Tree Planters

Cedar Tree Planters

Northern Lights' Cedar Tubs can also be used for a number of other unique landscaping features. Perhaps one of the most popular additional uses is as large tree planters; both residential and commercial. We offer two unique styles for different sizes of trees. Our smaller 42" diameter planter is 30" height and can easily accommodate trees up to 12 feet'. For larger trees we recommend our 50"x 30" tall planter which can handle trees over 12 feet. The 1 1/2" thick clear western red cedar guarantees the structural integrity of the planter. Because our wood is clear grain there are no knots that will decay or fall out. Unlike most planters these are built for life! We use 3 stainless Steel straps and the bottom is supported by 4"x 4" pressure treated Joists.

Our Large Tree Planters can be used in atrium's, shopping malls, pool settings, patios, vaulted ceilings rooms, and just about any other place you that you can think of. The large soil capacity means you don't need to worry about root damage that can destroy patio blocks and concrete in traditional landscaping. It also means you can change the outdoor setting by moving your trees to different locations. Like furniture, you can change your style!

Cedar has always been the choice wood for small planters as it is resilient to decay and insects. Our larger tree planters are nearly 2 times thicker than any other planter on the market. This is why we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY on our cedar barrel planters.

The planters come in easy to assemble kits that go together without any screws in under 15 minutes. We use the exact same manufacturing design and accuracy as we use on our award winning hot tubs. This DYI kit allows us to cost effectively ship our planters to any part of the world in a secure flat pack.


42" x 30" planter (25" deep)

large cedar planter

$1400.00 USD

50" x 30" planter (25" deep)

very large cedar planter

$1800.00 USD

Shipping cost range from $100-$250 with in North America. Call or Email us for an exact price