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Nobody would claim that there is a direct correlation and relationship between using the aqua tub and arthritis relief, but that the one significantly helps as part of a comprehensive approach to alleviating chronic arthritis pain, is pretty much gospel! Some doctors even recommend the “soaking” and heat, for exactly those reasons.

As an added bonus, you stand to gain more flexibility, subtle motions and mobility, relaxed muscles, increased circulation, dispelled toxins and more – all benefits! Stretching and exercising in the warm water is a great way to improve your own mobility as well.

It also logically follows that in this aquatic environment where there is less gravity, less energy is also required to use and utilize any muscle groups! Your heart can pump blood more freely through your weightless body, increasing blood flow to the extremities and reviving/rejuvenating, so to speak the whole body!

These Deep Hot Tubs have Hydro-massage jets and water-depth exercise equipment, non-slip surfaces and steps can all be used and called upon to target specific painful or troubled areas.

Arthritic pains in the feet and ankles, lower back, neck and shoulders, wrists and knees, spasms and tense muscle groups, feelings of anxiety and overall stress can all benefit from the aqua-therapeutic qualities and benefits these products deliver.

Stiffness, loosening tight or even cramping muscles and painful joints, relieving pain and discomfort are all relief and payoffs from soaking, stimulating circulation-boosters and massaging jets to be utilized as you see fit. Thus optimizing these therapeutic and wellness qualities of your investment, that will pay off for years to come! Hydrotherapy can in most cases provide relieve for general aches, back pain , muscular pain , joint pain , and Rheumatic pain, through re-energizing musculature, limbs, and discs, relieving pressure through stimulating vibrations, and increased circulation, allowing the body to re-establish some equilibrium. The result: RELIEF!