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Tips For Picking The Right Kind of Hot Tub Deck

Tips for Picking the Right Kind of Hot Tub Deck

Choosing the kind of hot tub deck design you need is as much about personal preferences as it is with practical considerations. There are many ways you can go, and the only real limit is the available space, your budget, and your imagination. Here are some of your options (but by no means all of them).

If you have a stand-alone hot tub, you can build a deck around it or forego one altogether. Many users of this type of spa choose what's called a "rim deck." This consists of a wood or plastic shelf that surrounds the top rim of the tub, either all the way around or some portion of it. Depending on the strength of this type of deck, it can be used simply as a place to rest a drink and your towel, or it can be walked on as a means of access to the water.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may want an elaborate gazebo deck that can host large parties with the hot tub as the central focus. If you often throw outdoor parties with sizeable crowds, this is a good option (assuming you have the means). The gazebo's roof will provide weather protection for those inevitable storms that seemingly blow up out of nowhere in the spring and summer months.

Or you can build a deck to accommodate smaller parties, but still provide the comforts of a few chairs, a table or two, maybe some benches, and a nice railing. This is a great idea if you have a larger hot tub that you share with friends on a regular basis. Some folks will want to stay in the water virtually the entire time, while others will choose to get out to cool off or grab a drink and chat tub-side. You'll find that your deck will make those visitors more likely to enjoy the experience and want to return more often.

Most hot tub decks are made of a durable wood; oak, pine, redwood or cedar. Cedar is the most popular. It looks beautiful, requires very little maintenance, and produces a pleasant aroma, especially when it gets wet and the temperature is warm. It's ideal for hot tub decking.